Woodland Restaurant & Lounge

The HOT SPOT between the blinking yellow lights of Woodland

104 East Main Street, Woodland, NC 27897

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104 East Main St
Woodland NC 27897

The Hot Spot and Carolina Still

I followed the large full moon that was lying low in the sky, sometimes dipping below the tree line as I drove East on Dusty Hill Rd.

As I arrived at the intersection of Hwy 35 and Main Street, I was at a blinking traffic light. Looking right, I could see another blinking light. I knew I was close, because I know the Woodland Restaurant & Lounge, is the Hot Spot between the two blinking lights in Downtown Woodland.

Ken Guynn, is the proprietor, of the restaurant at 104 East Main Street, along with his wife of 29 years, Rosie. They started booking bands into their restaurant a few months ago to supplement their business. I have been impressed with Ken’s fortitude in booking live music at a place that some would say, especially those of us who live in the RR area, is in the middle of nowhere. But it’s quickly becoming the Hottest Place in Northampton County to provide live music

As I arrived, and introduced myself, Ken was excited to tell me that the previous night, they had a record breaker. One Hundred and one fans came out to his place and had enjoyed the band UnBroKen. It was such a successful night that Ken had to go to Roanoke Rapids and meet the beer distributor to restock his supply. He had to be prepared for this night.


On this night, Easter Eve, Carolina Still is playing. It’s the third time they have played this Hot Spot. When I went looking for a pic to post of them on my website, www.atthemic.com, I came across the website http://www.carolinastill.com/ and watched some of their videos. I was impressed with their music. Carolina Still is an acoustic band with a new sound but with an old time feel. Their music is a blend of old-time, bluegrass, country, blues, rockabilly, punk, and many more. Hillbilly music at its finest, their Facebook page proclaims.

I found the band members, singer/songwriter, banjo picker, & guitarist J. Alan Casey, Adam Jones on the upright bass. Robert Norman on vocals, guitar, and fiddle, and Billy Smith on vocals and drums, put a lot of energy into their outstanding performance. Casey appearing at times to be strumming the guitar at 90 mph, Norman dancing around and stepping up on a box while playing the fiddle, Smith breaking a sweat beating the drums while Jones just kelp pace providing the bass line with the upright bass.

Their music will carry the old folks in the crowd down memory lane and give the young people an education with songs like Hog Killin’ Time, Distiller and Six Gun Sadie. Quoting from their website, “They will take you down on the farm, out into the tobacco fields, and down a dirt road with a trunk full of 'shine; you never know where they might take you. One thing's for sure, you will be schooled in southern American culture after listening to their music.”

The boys get around too. On the day that they were making their way to Woodland, Smith announced on Facebook that they had book a gig at Layla's, in Nashville TN. Hailing from Washington NC, they have gigs booked all along the eastern seaboard, through Tennessee and way out west in Montana.

I look forward to seeing Carolina Still again. And the Woodland Restaurant and Lounge is only about 35 minutes from Roanoke Rapids. Over the next few weeks they host the Willie Peebles Band from Jackson, The Cove from Roanoke Rapids and Chickweed from Hobgood.  

Follow the moon and take the ride to the Hot Spot between the blinking lights in Woodland and enjoy the heck out of yourself with some great live music and cold refreshments.

You can find their band calendar and directions on our website www.atthemic.com.

            Andy Whitby writes from Weldon and promotes the live music scene with the website www.atthemic.com.